Ric Albano authors, edits, and publishes hundreds of articles each year, ranging from music and entertainment reviews to critical opinion pieces. He is also working on literary works for future publication.

As owner of the online music magazines Classic Rock Review and Modern Rock Review, Ric is responsible for insightful and original content on a vast array of artists. The articles on these sites have a required minimum of 500 words (with many exceeding 1000 words) and are held to very high quality standards.

He is also a strong contributor to Big Blue Bullfrog, writing a weekly column during the NFL season called Tuesday Morning Tailback, as well as various political and philosophical pieces throughout the year.

Ric contributes to Key Rock Review, has written for DAMES of PA (under the pen name “Sigourney Soul”), and has done work for The Rocky Mountain News, The Columbus Observer, and the Hazleton Standard Speaker. Ric also does a regular blog for this site.

Check out some samples or Ric’s past work: