Record Producer

Since 2005, Ric Albano has been involved in the production of several full-length albums as a producer, composer, arranger, co-producer and/or executive producer. These involved diverse musical acts, so of which Albano was involved with as a performer or composer. All of these albums were published on the independent record label, Cygnus Wave.

Production Credits

Nine Fine Lines by Sinclair Soul
September 2018
International Release
The third official album by Sinclair Soul, this nine song LP entitled Nine Fine Lines was be released in digital format on September 9, 2018 and completes the “trilogy” of initial Sincair Soul albums. Featuring some special appearances by the late vocalist Janet Rains, the album features updated versions of songs which originally appeared on the triple-length 2009 release, Imaginary Lines 33 was recorded in Pennsylvania at Saturation Acres Recording Studios and Cygnus Wave Studio between 2004 and 2018.
Reflections of Relevance by Sinclair Soul
March 2018
International Release
The second official album by Sinclair Soul, a seven song LP entitled Reflections of Relevance, was released in digital format on March 27, 2018. All tracks are original songs by Ric Albano and recorded along with music legends, drummer Ron Simasek and multi-instrumentalist Bret Alexander. The album was recorded at Saturation Acres Recording Studios A and B in Danville, PA and DuPont, PA between 2005 and 2017.
The Journey by Sinclair Soul
June 2017
International Release
After seven years away from recording and producing, a new album unexpectedly emerged out of some casual acoustic sessions in the Spring of 2017. The Journey is the official debut album of Sinclair Soul, a project which dates back to at least 2012. This album consists of seven original songs written by Ric Albano and recorded along with drummer Ron Simasek and multi-instrumentalist Bret Alexander. Co-produced by Albano and Alexander, The Journey was recorded at Saturation Acres studio in DuPont, PA and released in digital format.
Animal Society
December 2010
The self-titled debut album by the rock trio Animal Society. Recorded at Saturation Acres and mixed and mastered by Ric Albano at Cygnus Wave Studios, the album’s ten tracks contain a diverse mix of styles and moods, touching on elements of rock, new wave, jazz, funk, country, and folk.
Dollars for Diane Compilation
January 2010
Limited Release
The Dollars for Diane Compilation CD is made entirely of original music by Pennsylvania Artists. The album is dedicated to Diane Kovaleski, who suffered a severe stroke during surgery in 2007 which has left her unable to walk, speak, or care for herself. Proceeds from the album benefited The Center for Brain Injury and Repair at the University of Pennsylvania.
Imaginary Lines 33
September 2009
International Release
Imaginary Lines 33 is a triple-length, 2-CD collection of songs that span the five years of Ric Albano’s Imginary Lines project. It contains previously released material from Imaginary Lines I and Imaginary Lines II along with tweleve new selections. Together, this forms a totally unique, 33-song album that is the ultimate Imaginary Lines collection. Imaginary Lines 33 is the only international release by Cygnus Wave Records to date.
Not One of You by Hormoans
April 2008
Not Publicly Released
An authentic “new wave” band from the early 1980s, Hormoans recorded a few dozen tracks of their original compositions along with original “translations” of some standard material. Unfortunately, the band broke up soon thereafter and these recordings remained “lost” for over a quarter century. Finally in 2008, these recordings were remastered to form the album Not One of You, co-produced by Jim Hammond & Ric Albano.
The Evolution of Noise, 1987-1995 by Wahray and Soul
Not Publicly Released
Ric Albano made hundreds of semi-professional, analog recordings from the late 1980s through the mid 1990s. In 2003, he remixed scores of these tracks and in 2011 he finally made a digital release called The Evolution of Noise, 1987-1995 under the artist name Wahray and Soul.