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Ric Albano is the founder, owner, and creative director of 33 Dimensions LLC. Based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the company designs, maintains, and promotes web sites using the latest technologies and techniques. 33 Dimensions also owns and operates several websites which publish several hundred original articles each year.

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As chief editor and developer for the rock music sites Modern Rock Review, Classic Rock Review, and Key Rock Review, Ric writes several profiles and reviews on musical artists each week. During the NFL Season, Mr. Albano also writes a weekly column titled Tuesday Morning Tailback as well as several other articles through the year on the site Big Blue Bullfrog.

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A life long musician and recording artist, Ric has also composed and arranged hundreds of songs and released an internationally-selling, triple-length collection called Imaginary Lines 33 in 2009.

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Imaginary Lines


Since 2005, Ric Albano has been involved in the production of seven full-length albums as a producer, co-producer or executive producer. These involved diverse musical acts, so of which Albano was involved with as a performer or composer. All of these albums were published on the independent record label, Cygnus Wave.

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